MyFutures Symposium 2018

Strategies for designing personal futures

During the MyFutures symposium at February 5, we innovated and learned from the inspiring insights from the MyFutures project. More and more, people need to arrange for their own old day. But plannig your own future is difficult. While local government and public services want people to anticipate to future situations. So that they can help them better.

“If we think from a bucketlist, we give thinking about the future a positive twist.”


What is our role?

In MyFutures we explore how people can be supported in thinking, discussing and shaping their future lives. For example living longer at home, moving to an appropiate house or arranging care. Over sixty professionals, experts, policymakers and designers took part. The day started about barriers and strategies for thinking about future needs. All inspired participants got to work in six different workshops. Two of them by Muzus. One about ‘from emergency to wishmoving’ and one about our developed talking-tool for families.

Workshop: Anticiperen for the future!

“How can you get better insight into the long term wishes of inhabitants?” Together with corporations and the municipality of Rotterdam (MyFutures partner) and ‘Langer Thuis Werkplaatsen’ we investigate how they can cater better for older inhabitants. In this workshop, we made a joined design with what people can express their live-wishes for the future.

Muzus facilitator: Jorik Hepworth


Workhop: Speculate about the future

“How can we support families in expressing expectations and ideas about their joined future?” In MyFutures we developed a talk-tool for families. We developed and tested various iterations. In this workshop we explore new application areas for this tool!

Muzus facilitator: Lydia The

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