Solar coach supports homeowner’s associations to share solar panels

The solar coach service is online now!

The collective as an opportunity

One in ten homes in the Netherlands is an apartment in a homeowners’ association. Enpuls spotted this opportunity to accelerate energy saving. The challenge: How do you convince a varied group of homeowners to take these steps together?

From our research it appears that members of a homeowners’ association often pull back because of the vague process. They doubt whether their investment will be returned in a timely manner. Our solution? The solar coach. This is an expert who supports collectives in legal, financial and technical aspects. Lately, as many of the boundaries are taken away, we are glad to see more and more solar panels on Dutch roofs!

home owners

translated to four personas

Co-creation with homeowners’ associations, suppliers, contractors and investors

Based on research, Muzus shines a light on the needs and wishes of members of a homeowners’ association with four personas: The community (wo)man, the Individualist, the Contributor and the Idealist. Every one of them is unique in their drive for sustainability and role within the association. We see the most opportunities for the result-oriented individualist.

Based on these personas and their needs, three business models are developed in a co-creation session. We use the business model canvas for this. The solar coach is voted as the best solution.

Service blueprint with the most promising solutions

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