Transit concept tuned to physically challenged clients



A revolutionary shift from costs per km to user needs

In Rotterdam, people of all ages with a mental or physical challenge make use of a specialised transit service. The challenge? The city of Rotterdam wants to procure the right service based on the needs of its users. This is important, because not all needs are immediately visible.

Muzus’ research leads to four personas and a customer journey of the transit service. We are proud to mention that our work contributes to a revolutionary public tender of 217 million euros which has been awarded to a new consortium in the market.

Vulnerable clients translated in four personas

Not disabilities, but needs in mobility are the focus

For insights into this complex field it is most important to talk to the right people: vulnerable commuters, taxi drivers, operators at the taxi centre and employees at the municipality. The result? The extent of vulnerability and the need for punctuality determine how to best support people in their mobility needs. Based on this rich view on a range of unique needs, transport services are redesigned.


Customer journey of the transit service

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