Fresh water for everyone in Amsterdam

Drinking water is good for you!

The challenge? The city of Amsterdam wants children and teenagers to have easy access to drinking water, providing them with an alternative to sugary drinks.

How do you encourage playing kids to drink water? How do you make drinking water more accessible to a wide range of cultures? Based on research on location and with locals, Muzus designs a public water tap that is perceived as trustworthy, reliable and appealing. The result? Children and teenagers live healthier and the amount of discarded plastic bottles is reduced.

Co-creation with the local youth

From street interviews, we learned the youth of Amsterdam’s Bijlmer district are already drinking more water than the municipality suspected, though they are still buying plastic bottles to make sure the water is reliable.

Based on these insights we designed four concepts. Shapes that resemble a drink dispenser were very well received by the local youth. With their input, the city’s demands and the possibilities at the production facility, the product is designed. The public water tap is currently in use at multiple locations where it serves as a social element in the neighbourhood. We can’t wait to see more of these pop up where people play and exercise!

Street interviews with local youth

The term ‘drinking water’ has been translated into languages ranging from Arabic to Ghanaian

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