Ranzijn shares your love for animals: with advice, care and supplies

Love for animals at Ranzijn

Most pet owners have a deep love for their four-legged companions. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to tell them goodbye, either because you cannot take care of them anymore or because the animal has fallen ill. The challenge? How can Ranzijn help with finding a new home for every animal?

Muzus developed a mediation service through which pet owners can transfer their animal to a new owner with a warranty. At a Ranzijn-shop you can find the ‘basic package for a warm welcome’. For an inevitable goodbye, this service offers ease and personal space.

Interviews with pet-owners and their companions

Muzus researched how pet owners treat their animals. Of course, this research was done at the pet owners’ homes. Owners were asked to complete assignments with and without their animals. For example, how did they decide to get a pet? What do they enjoy the most? And what are the disadvantages of owning a pet? This resulted in six personas with their own way of interacting with animals. Inspired by these personas, we developed concepts in co-creation with Ranzijn customers. Together with users, we designed services for animal-mediation and animal-parting with love for the animal at their core.

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