Inspiring team

Working with Muzus provides you with new insights and a solution with positive impact. Our designers are enthusiastic, experienced and inspiring experts. Each one is highly skilled, curious and passionate about service design. Although individually strong, they are all team players, within Muzus and in collaboration with your team.

Neele Kistemaker

Established Muzus in 2007, together with Sanne. Knowing how to combine business with a smile, she gives actual users a voice in the boardroom. People play a central role in complex social challenges, and Neele knows how to use their insights for impactful service designs.

Reach Neele at +316 14 53 62 22/

Sanne Kistemaker

Co-founded Muzus in 2007. Working in a wide range of sectors, Sanne knows how to get things done in businesses, governmental organisations and NGOs. All have experienced the positive change that insights can bring to their challenges.

Reach Sanne at +316 43 03 29 11/

Helma van den Berg-van Rijn

Our expert in healthcare. Her experience in co-creating with hard-to-reach target groups has resulted in surprisingly effective concepts.

Josje van Beusekom

Spontaneous and curious by nature, she always gets to the bottom. And her knowledge of infographics makes sure you are always in the loop.

Lydia The

Thorough and meticulous, she brings to the surface that which is important. She also teaches these skills and methods to students of the Delft University of Technology.

Jorik Hepworth

Always keeping an eagle eye perspective, he closes the gap between stakeholders in complex social challenges.

Sophie Boonen

Combining her limitless fascination for people with skills in graphic design, she presents her keen analyses with insightful and clear visuals.

Joost van Leeuwen

Thinks in value propositions and concepts. Converts research into tangible designs and communicates his vision with strikingly clear sketches.

Renée Schuffelers

Works as a freelancer on various projects. Her eye for detail makes sure every concept is a 100% fit.

Lina Li

As a student of Design for Interaction (Delft University of Technology) she brings contextmapping into practice in her internship at Muzus.


We are always looking for talent.

Do you have experience in service design and do you know how to design surprising solutions from the perspective of the user?

Or do you want to become an experienced service designer?

Shoot us a message at

Internship or graduation?

Next semester (January to August 2018) we are looking for two interns who are doing a master’s in ‘Design for Interaction’.

Send us a message at and tell us how you will surprise us with a positive impact to our team!

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